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Analox makes personal CO2 alarms affordable
Analox makes personal CO2 alarms affordable 26th April 2012

1st May, 2012, Analox Sensor Technology launches its most affordable personal carbon dioxide (CO2) alarm – making it easier for employers to ensure staff are protected should a leak of the gas occur.

Furthermore, the new analyser is Analox’s most portable CO2 alarm, being smaller and lighter than the average mobile phone.


The QPD CO2 is a robust, personal alarm which continuously checks the levels of CO2 in the surrounding atmosphere.  Should levels rise, it gives an audible and visual alarm warning.  It has been designed by Analox for use in hospitality workplaces where carbon dioxide is stored, piped or used.


Mark Lewis, managing director of Analox Sensor Technology, commented: “This small and extremely portable alarm could prevent injury, or even save lives.  It’s ideal, for example, for delivery drivers who visit numerous cellars or for anyone whose job requires them entering any enclosed space where the gas is stored.  By carrying a QPD CO2, they can be confident they remain protected wherever they are.

“At Analox, we’re determined that gas analysis equipment should be affordable for all.  The introduction of this analyser makes it easier for employers to ensure all their staff remain protected from a potentially fatal gas.” 


The QPD CO2 is fitted with a robust sensor which offers two years of use.  The unit, which does not switch off, is supplied with a battery pack which gives two years’ continuous operation.  The retail price for the QPD CO2 is £297.00 / $457.38.

Carbon dioxide is a colourless and odourless gas which cannot be detected by humans.  It is widely used in bars, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues where it is a dispense gas for drinks.  Should a leak occur, rising levels of the gas can adversely affect the human body, initially increasing the breathing rate, and causing headaches and other symptoms.  If concentrations rise about 5% a person is likely to fall unconscious within five minutes.

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