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Analox enjoy invaluable demonstration of dive supervisor training
31st May 2012

To understand better the role of the Dive Supervisor in a saturation diving operation, three team members from Analox Sensor Technology attended an ADAS demonstration of its Commercial Diving Simulator.


The event was hosted by Technip and ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme) in Aberdeen.  The Commercial Diving Simulator is contained in a transportable container comprising an air diving panel and a dive control panel for saturation diving operations.  It is used for training dive supervisors, and is capable of taking trainees through both routine and emergency procedures, including - and of most interest to the Analox team - when gas analysers alarm because of high carbon dioxide levels, low oxygen levels or hydrocarbon contamination.


Simon Lunt, Sales Manager, explained: “We were allowed to operate the panels and ask numerous questions about the way Analox analysers are used in training and real life operations.  Technip took time to run us through their very impressive panels which mimic the saturation control part of their dive system on board the Skandi Arctic, which uses the Analox DMS.  Such information is vital feedback to ensure we keep delivering the gas monitoring solutions our customers require.

“It was a real eye opener to see how much is expected of a dive supervisor on an air dive.  With one person responsible for such safety critical operations, a high level of training is paramount and the ADAS simulator seems an ideal way of simulating rare situations.”


Paul Branton, Director of Projects, added: “The main thing that surprised me was the sheer number of people, throughout the vessel, all directed by the dive supervisor, using intercoms and radios.  This activity was complicated enough.  However, in addition the supervisor also has to keep track of various parameters that keep the divers safe such as depth, gas mix, bottom time and even the rate of the divers’ breathing.”


Mark Lewis, Managing Director, concluded: “This gave us a brilliant understanding of a diver supervisor’s job including experience of the pressure they would be under should anything go wrong.”


Analox Sensor Technology would like to thank ADAS and Technip for being excellent hosts, and IMCA for the invitation to its members.


Visit the Analox Flickr account to view pictures of the days visit.

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