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Gas Detection Reference Library

As a trusted advisor on the subject of gas detection, Analox want to provide you with further information relating to how gases are detected and how gas sensors behave in different environments.

The Analox reference library has been created to help provide information on gas detection theories and how they relate to your Analox analysers.

If you cannot find a technical paper on your chosen gas detection then please contact us with your queries.

Technical Papers

RM-005-04 - Analox 50 use at high altitude
RM-006-02 - Oxygen depletion monitors
RM-001-03 - O2EII altitude
RM-002-03 - O2EII calibration gas
RM-003-03 - O2EII humidity compensation
RM-009-01 - O2EII Replacement Oxygen Sensors
RM-008-03 - Analox Oxygen sensors in rebreather application
RM-010-00 - Hyperbaric Measurements
RM-007-00 - O2 and CO2 accuracy for Saturation Diving applications
PGA-802-04 Aspida Configuration Software User Manual
O2 Depletion_Flow_Chart