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Analox raises awareness of carbon dioxide risks at NRA show.
18th May 2012

Following its presence at the NRA Show in Chicago earlier this month, Analox Sensor Technology has been invited to join the Safety Committee of the International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association (IBDEA)

The invitation followed Analox’s efforts to raise awareness of the importance of carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring in hospitality venues.  Analox will also present to the IBDEA on the dangers of CO2 and the ways of ensuring the safety of all who work with the gas.


Staff from Analox Sensor Technology spent four days at the NRA show raising awareness of the dangers of CO2 and the importance of alarm systems in venues where the gas is used in drinks dispensing.  As well as welcoming many delegates to the Analox booth, Jon Byrd from Analox spoke at a supplier meeting for distributor Micro Matic, and team members met a number of key industry executives and new contacts, and held several productive smaller meetings.

The Analox Sensor Technology booth featured some of Analox’s product range designed for the hospitality industry including the Ax 50 Carbon Dioxide wall-mounted alarm for locations where the gas is stored and the QPD range of portable personal alarms for constant monitoring of levels of either CO2 or oxygen (O2).


Patti Clarkson, Vice President Sales – Analox US, said: “Our work at the NRA show was rewarded with increased awareness of the risks faced by anyone working with carbon dioxide.  Our presentations and booth received very positive feedback, with many key industry players keen to discuss CO2 safety.  Thank you to the many attendees who visited our booth and to one of our distributors, Micro Matic, for inviting us to speak and for featuring the Ax 50 in their brochure.  We now look forward to raising awareness further as we become involved with the IBDEA.”


Visit the Analox Flickr account to see wome of the great pictures taken at the show.

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