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Changes to gas content in 20 litre canisters
29th November 2010

A new Aerosol Dispensing Directive comes into force across Europe on December 1st, 2010.  This new directive limits the gas content of any 20 litre canister to 12 litres (ie limiting the pressure to 12 bar).

Analox Sensor Technology would like to advise its customers that this change will not lead to a decrease in the cost of a 20 litre canister as the majority of the cost is in the canister itself, valve and the filling process.  The directive effects all gas suppliers throughout Europe, and as a result the cost of a 20 litre canister will remain the same but the gas content will be reduced from 20 litres to 12 litres.

Any customer requiring the full 20 litres will need to order this in a larger canister which will cost more.

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