March 2012
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Launching the new ACG
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new ACG. The ACG is a multi sensor gas analyser, specifically designed for the analysis of contaminants in compressed breathing air. This fixed unit will provide continuous 'on line' monitoring of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organis compounds (VOCs) and water vapour in compressed breathing air lines. Contact us to request further information or a quote.
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Hi, I'm Kerry....
and I'm the Trainee Contracts Manager at AMS. I deal with all contractual matters and can usually be found with my head down reading or staring at a computer screen re-drafting a contract. For my sins, I also get to review export licensing requirements and the dreaded ITAR. But just lately, I've been tasked with some SC21 (Supply Chain for the 21st Century) projects, which means amongst other things, I have been pestering our customers to get feedback on the business we are winning and more importantly - not winning. At AMS, we want to ensure our customers get what they want/need, when they need it, so my apologies if I start bothering you, but I promise, there is a good reason behind it - we want to ensure you are happy :-). In my more humanly 'me' time (and I'm sure my colleagues would argue that I'm not very human!) I can usually be found playing taxi to my daughter (party's and ballet and swimming lessons), or taking her on walks, doing a bit of baking or crafts as well as trying to fit in a bit of me time with a good book.
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Pacific 2012 was a hit!
Despite an unusually wet Sydney, Pacific 2012 was well attended. Its my first time to Pacific 2012 and I must admit I was impressed by the quality of exhibitors and attendees. It was a great opportunity to spend time with our Distributor Divex who were exhibiting at the show, and to meet some of our customers like Cowan Manufacturing whove been making transportable recompression chambers since the early 90s. (Vicky Brown)
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Welcome to your next edition of AMS Oracle.

Already the clocks have sprung forward and the daffodils are out in full bloom, the sun is shining here at AMS offices as the team prepares to face Q2 of 2012.

This year has certainly started off really busy, we have already attend Pacific 2012 and are in organisational mode for UDWG and SMERWG 2012 too. What conferences and exhibitions are you going to this year? Email us to let the team know, we could arrange to meet you there.




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