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Oxygen Alarms

Analox supply a varied range of gas analysers to detect both low and high oxygen (O2) including portable and fixed oxygen alarms.


Applications where oxygen alarms are used include: hospitals, universities, laboratories, gas storage areas and blood transfusion services.


Should you wish to discuss your specific requirement in further detail please contact the Analox sales team.

101D2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

The 101D2 is a portable oxygen analyser with dual range available.

Aspida O2 Portable Alarm

The Aspida O2 detects for low oxygen levels. Audible and visual alarms warn users of low O2 levels.

Portable O2 Analyser

Take the risk away with this portable oxygen analyser. O2 sensor range 0 to 100%, the Portable O2 is supplied with a variety of flow adaptors.