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The new SDA series will offer users the latest digital technology in commercial diving gas detection.

The SDA series is a range of fixed external chamber analysers used to control levels of gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.  The new products are designed to be more easily configured to meet the users’ needs, with interchangeable sensors and software. 

The SDA series has been developed following discussion and feedback from the commercial diving industry. 


The SDA CO2 is available in either panel or rack mount format .


To assist you with your SDA questions, please read the FAQ's document. You can also download flow charts to assist you in choosing the correct SDA version for you:


SDA CO2 Module




Product review:

We hope to bring you updates on customers reviewing the SDA. If you would like to submit a review please contact marketing with your details.


Mermaid Offshore Service

Veolia Special Services


Sensor range: 0 to 5000ppm, 0 to 10,000ppm

Sensor accuracy: 0 to 5000ppm, ±25ppm CO2 ±1% of reading

                           0 to 10,000ppm ±50ppm CO2 ±1% of reading

Response time: T90 in <30secs

Warm up time: 40 seconds

Display resolution: 1ppm

IP rating: IP22