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The ACG is a multi sensor gas analyser, specifically designed for the analysis of contaminants in compressed breathing air.


The ACG has been designed so it can be permanently connected to a compressor outlet, enabling you to continually verify the quality of your breathing air.

This fixed unit will provide continuous 'on line' monitoring of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and water vapour in compressed breathing air lines.

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Product videos:

To explain how to operate the ACG please view our Intro to the ACG video.


Product case studies:

We have the ACG on trial with a number of companies and hope to bring you case study feedback from each trial below:

Divex Asia Pacific use the ACG for the Royal Australian Navy

Fort Bovisand


Technical documents:

To assist with using the ACG, we are pleased to offer the following documents:

MEC-830 PID sensor replacement parts guide


Oil mist detection




Range - 0 to 50%

Accuracy - ±(0.035% O2 + 1% of reading + 0.15% of reading/˚C)


Carbon dioxide:

Range - 0 to 1000ppm

Accuracy - ±(25ppm CO2 + 1% of reading + 1ppm CO2/˚C)



Range - 0 to 100ppm

Accuracy - ±(1ppm VOC + 5% of reading + 0.25% of reading/˚C)


Carbon monoxide:

Range - 0 to 20ppm

Accuracy - ±(1ppm CO + 5% of reading + 0.1ppm CO/˚C+0.5% of reading/˚C)


Water vapour:

Range - 0 to 100mg/m3

Accuracy - ±(0.15mg/m3 H2O + 5% of reading)


Don't know which variant is right for you? Follow our easy to use system chart for more advice. If you would like to discuss your specific requirement in detail contact us.