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Ax 9000 Nitrogen Monitor

The 1000 series of Analox Analysers have been designed specifically for the saturation diving market, as a result the analysers have been designed to offer familiarity and intuitive operation to suit deep diving shift patterns. Each of the series offers the same modes of operation and installation – as a result they are quick and easy to use and install.

The Ax 9000 Nitrogen Monitor incorporates a long life thermal conductivity helium sensor and 9212 oxygen sensor, together they accurately measure the O2 and He content in the gas mix, in order to calculate the Nitrogen content. The Ax 9000 is provided with a high visibility display, adjustable hi & low audio visual alarms. The unit is configured to enable power from a range of power supplies, options are available for relay, 4 to 20mA outputs and battery back up. The unit can be supplied in panel or rack mount format. Calibration is quick and easy to carry out using the adjustments on the front panel.

The Ax 9000 monitor is located in the dive control room, at ambient temperature and pressure, when supplied with a gas sample line from the living chamber, diving bell or gas reclaim system the Ax 9000 will provide nitrogen readings in percent (%N2).

The Ax 9000 incorporates the Analox thermal conductivity helium sensor plus an electrochemical oxygen sensor to accurately calculate nitrogen concentration in the range 0 to 100%
Standard alarm configuration is one high alarm and one low alarm


To assist in the maintenance of your analyser, Analox now offer a range of videos to show you how to:

Replace the multi turn dial


Helium Range:
0.1 to 100%
Power Options:
97 to 260v AC, 9 to 33v DC, 12 to 24v AC
Output Options:
Relay, 4 to 20mA, Battery back up

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