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Sub MkIIIF Hyperbaric Atmosphere Monitor

The Analox Sub MkIIIF is a hyperbaric atmosphere monitoring system capable of measuring oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), pressure (depth), temperature and relative humidity.

It is ideal for use in hyperbaric chambers for HBOT or diving and monitoring the atmosphere in Submarine Rescue Vehicles (SRV's).

The Sub MkIIIF can also be configured as an O2 controller to automatically mantain oxygen concentrations to a preset level. The O2 controller would typically be used to maintain the chamber oxygen concentration or the oxygen concentration delivered from a bibs system in an SRV.

The Sub MkIIIF also offers:

  • Real time in chamber information.

  • Simplification of the chamber infrastructure

  • User maintainable operations


Factory configurable, the Sub MkIIIF is able to suit your individual requirements and application. The datasheet provides recommended part numbers for three different applications: medical chambers, SRV's and diving chambers. Should you have any different specifications please contact us with your requirements.


Analox now provide video footage on:

Change alarms on the Sub MkIIIF

Zero and span calibration



CO2 - 0 to 20.00mBar, 0 to 100.0mBar

O2 - 0 to 1500mBar pO2, 0 to 3000mBar pO2

Depth - 0.80 to 10.00 BarA, 0.80 to 60.00 BarA

Temp. - o to 50˚C, 32 to 122˚F

Humidity - 0 to 100%RH


Operating temp: 0 to 50˚C


Power options:

12 to 30 VDC

110 to 230 VAC (option)

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