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EII CO Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

A number of incidents involving carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in sport diving prompted us to design a CO analyser specific for the sport diving industry.

Introducing the new EII CO

Benefits of the EII CO:

  1. It is designed for sport divers, and allows for accurate checking for CO contamination of their own gas prior to diving.

  2. Being portable the analyser can be easily transported with other kit.

  3. NEW for 2012!! Analox have investigated alternative ways to 'bump test' your EII CO. Section 3.2.2 of the EII CO manual now details a 'breath bump test'


We recommend that the EII CO sensor is changed every 2 years. All gold stockists can carry out the sensor change for you, should you have any questions just ask.


Dont just take our word for it read product reviews and references on the EII CO:

Product reviews and references:

Underwater Magazine - Dec 2011

Dive Magazine - July 2011 Interview - DEMA 2012





Carbon monoxide - the problem:

A small concentration of CO can affect the body, and symptoms can include headache, fatigue, confusion and dizziness.  Prolonged exposure could lead to unconsciousness, brain damage or even death.

A number of incidents of CO poisoning in sport divers have been reported around the world.  In August 2010, an Australian diver was reported to have suffered CO poisoning.  He was flown by rescue helicopter from a dive in North Queensland, with symptoms including memory problems and a severe headache.


Analox aims to highlight the issues of carbon monoxide within diving. We are pleased to be working with Martin Robson and offering roadshow style events to divers with Martin explaining about the importance of gas analysis before a dive. This talk has been given at DEMA, PADI HQ in the UK and at a number of smaller UK dive sites too. Dont worry if you haven't been able to get along to one of the EII CO roadshows, watch Martins talk in full through the Analox YouTube account:


The new EII CO is similar in design to the O2 EII, but coloured red.  Analox Sensor Technology recommends that divers are equipped with both the EII CO carbon monoxide analyser, and the O2 EII oxygen analyser.


We recommend that with every EII CO, a bump test gas kit is also purchased. Analox have produced a quick video to show you how to bump test your EII CO:





Sensor range: 1 to 50ppm CO

Sensor accuracy: +/- (1% FS + 5% value)

Sensor response time:

Sensor drift:

Power: 1 9V PP3 battery

Display: 2 digit

Operating temperature: 0 to 50˚C

Storage temperature: -10 to 50˚C


Sensor warranty: 1 year graded warranty

Electronics warranty: 3 years


Please note: Unit colours may vary from the pictures shown.