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WEEE Compliance

Analox Ltd are a part of the WEEE compliance scheme. The scheme indicates that distributors of electrical equipment are required to provide waste collection systems for the goods that they manufacture; helping to recycle and cut the amount of waste produced.


Analox Ltd has appointed Econowee to organise the recycling of Analox analysers within the UK. To dispose of your Analox gas analysers correctly please visit the Econoweee website. The website will provide you with details on your local recycling point. In order to use this service please quote our WEEE producer number WEE/KE0043SY which can be viewed on the Analox certificate.


For customers in Europe, please note that this scheme is only currently available to UK customers. To dispose of your Analox analysers correctly please contact your supplier.


Should you have any queries relating to Analox' WEEE compliance scheme, please contact us.